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As you may be aware last week, we announced to the church family at New Life on our stance regarding the present situation concerning COVID-19 which is consuming the thoughts of our nation at this time.  At New Life we continue to be a people of faith and not of fear but we also so need to respond responsibly and sensibly to government directives and procedures to ensure we keep each other and our community safe.  We are aware of the pressures on our schools and the NHS and we give thanks to God for their tireless work and commitment. 
After receiving recommendations from the Evangelical Alliance, Ground Level Network and other church leaders, and in line with government recommendations regarding church gatherings, the trustees and leadership team have made the decision to postpone Sunday services and weekly groups for a period of time.  This will be under constant review and we would ask you for your prayers and patience during this time.  

The Good news is that Church will continue, perhaps not as we know it at this moment but it may begin to look very different.  For the services we are looking into live streaming and using social media as soon as possible.  Life will continue but in a new way.  

Firstly, we are a praying church, so we intend to continue opening church during the week so we can pray.  Initially this will be on Mondays and Wednesdays as usual starting at 9.30am.  However, we intend to open the centre till 3pm on those days.  This will give an opportunity for the church family and the community to drop in if they require prayer, support or pastoral care.  It also enables the services already established by the Family Central hub to continue which may help to reduce issues associated with isolation. Since we have five rooms downstairs, we believe we can serve the community while functioning in a safe environment.  
Due to the school closures Epic and Kidz Klub will also be postponed during this time.  Epic leaders are developing a plan to maintain connections via social media sources.  They will also be contacted regularly.  Kidz Klub will also have regular contacts.   

Coffee Lounge, Men’s Hub and Life Lounge are also postponed but we are hoping some contacts will use the drop in if they need a chat or support.  
We are aware that isolation is a danger so therefore we request that we all take responsibility to ensure that everyone is cared for in the New Life family.  If you are in a life group you will receive a weekly call from your leader.  You may also receive some church updates via your life group leader. 

We would however request that you also contact members of the group to keep us all connected.  If they are healthy you could maybe meet for a coffee and prayer.   If they are unwell, they may need some support.  If you feel unable to meet their needs please speak to your life group leader Ian and Janet who will oversee the pastoral care of the church family.   

For those that are not in a group they will be contacted by the Lowes if we have details.

These are unusual times and as we have always said the church is not a building it’s the people.  We can be the church where we are – on our streets as we look out for our neighbours.  We need to be ready to serve our community as best we can.  This may be making a meal or cakes, going or delivering shopping to those in isolation, making a phone call to a neighbour or praying.  Please let Janet and Ian know if you can help with any of these things if needed.    

We have not faced these times before as a nation in our lifetime and we are uncertain of how the next few weeks and months unfold but we need to be prepared to be the light in dark places, the refuge in the storm.  


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