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Holy Week Online: About and Contact Details

Updated: Mar 28


For each day of Holy Week a speaker from a different church across Rochdale, representing Rochdale Churches Together, will give a short message focusing on the events of the week before the first Easter day.


If you would like any information regarding any of the churches or wish to contact us with regarding any of the videos we would love to hear from you.

Please email sayhello@newlifemilnrow.co.uk and we will ensure that someone will get back to you.

Below is also a list of the churches involved including email, Facebook and website details should you wish to contact any of the Churches directly

Branches Christian Fellowship

1 Wesley St, Smallbridge, Rochdale OL12 9RW

Web: www.branchesfellowship.org

Facebook: branchesfellowship

Email: tellme@branchesfellowship.org

Champness Hall Church

Drake Street, Rochdale OL16 1PB

Facebook: champnesshallchurch

Email: champnesschurch@gmail.com

Hebron Pentecostal Church

Falinge Road, Howard Street, Rochdale OL12 6LB

Web: www.hebronpentecostalchurch.co.uk

Facebook: HebronChurchRochdale

Email: info@hebronrochdale.co.uk

Nelson Street Church

6 Nelson St, Rochdale OL16 1NL

Web: www.nelsonstreetchurch.org

Facebook: nelsonstchurch

Email: nelsonstchurch@gmail.com

Newbold Baptist Church

Milnrow Rd, Rochdale OL16 5DL

Web: www.newboldbaptist.org.uk

Facebook: NewboldBaptistChurch

Email: office@newboldbaptist.org.uk

Newlife Community Church

3 Edmund St, Milnrow, Rochdale OL16 4HR

Web: www.newlifemilnrow.co.uk/

Facebook: newlifemilnrow

Email: sayhello@newlifemilnrow.co.uk

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