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Due to Covid restrictions most of the person to person activities in 2020 had to be cancelled. However, the life of the church went on and this page recalls some of the activities that did take place at New Life Community Church, Milnrow.

short videos

Over the summer months of 2020 members of New Life, Milnrow filmed short Inspiration Videos. Click below to recall some of those wise words.

Christmas Gifts


In 2020 we ran a virtual Advent Calendar.

Some days were fun and some were more thought provoking. You can see the opened version here 


As part of our online services we produced a series of themed playlists on YouTube for children to enjoy. These included  teaching, songs, craft and some fun! Revisit them by clicking below.

POETRY writing

Members of New Life  Milnrow were challenged to get creative and write a poem about their lockdown experience. Check them out by clicking on the link below.

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